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Selenium Training

This is some thing which has been keeping me on edge from long and mushrooming Selenium Training Institutes in India and around the world are only pushing me more. What I don't appreciate about these training institutes -
    • A hefty fee. Selenium is free should not training be also?
    • No contribution to Selenium what so ever. Claiming to be Selenium expert, earning money on training and no willingness to participate in Selenium development, helping selenium users on various forums or assisting SeleniumHQ in any way. 
  • Shameless copy of Selenium Google DOC with out any reference. One such reference here (Since I linked it here, page has been removed from site). Wonder how much of their training material is derived from SeleniumHQ.
  •  Learn Selenium in days of training or videos.  I assume this pressure of learning things quickly is derived from sudden need to finish an automation job for the contract your employee got of late.  When I had begun with Selenium about 4 years ago. I did not know J of java and what helped me most was, Google and Clear Space forum at OpenQA (The forum is been disabled now and Selenium forum is available at Google Group and also linked on this site). And I eventually became co author of official Selenium doc.
So what could be the solution. Share the knowledge, blog about what you have learnt in Selenium and not just Selenium any other tool or Manual testing. Participating in forums are the one of the best way to learn and share your knowledge with others. Organize local group on Selenium training. If physical location is not possible then Skype, WebEx or some other software can help, especially when wanting to converse others located in sparse locations.

Having said that I have been thinking to provide free selenium training either online or at a physical location. Topic, Place, Meeting time could be decided when a good number of  participants are ready to commit. Want to discuss it more follow this thread. This is my way of sharing what little I have learned about web automation in past few years. And I am in no way wanting to enforce my methods. I may know something, I might be wrong in my approach towards certain aspects of automation. It's for you to decide and follow what best suites your need.

Want to see list of proposed meting schedules follow this forum

n.b. Why limit it to only Selenium why not encompass other free/open source tools like - Jmeter? Have more ideas?


I have started conducting online Selenium Session. A few of you asked me to keep all video recordings URLs in one place for ease of accessibility. I would keep this page updated with all Selenium Training meet videos.
Videos are viewed best in 720p (HD) Quality Setting in You Tube -

Facing any issue with watching videos? Contact me at tkumarb at


Selenium training videos are linked in the following table.

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Want to share your testing expertise with other :-) ?

Will I master Selenium after following these video?

Unfortunately not, Selenium like any other topic can not be learnt from just one source of information. You need to strive hard to master Selenium (full stop).


Selenium Training Topic
Selenium Training Video

How much java to learn for Selenium -

  •   OOPS - Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Introduction to Class, instance variable, instance methods, class variable, class method, Object
  • Constructor, Abstract Class, Interface, method overloading, method overriding, Package
  • Loops - To execute same statements time and again, for example logging in for 5 different accounts using same method
  • Arrays - You don't want to keep writing variables all overs you test scripts


Understanding Selenium and Element location techniques -

  • What is Selenium? Selenium Suite of tools - Selenium IDE, Selenium 1, Selenium 2 and Grid
  • Limitations of Selenium 1 and how Selenium 2 addresses them
  • Which Selenium tools fits my needs - Selenium IDE, Selenium 2 or Grid?
  • Object location strategies - id, name, xPath, css selectors - Which one to use and when?
    Using Firebug and Chrome Console

Beginning with WebDdriver and writing your first Selenium tests -

  • Using nth locator in CSS
  • Selenium IDE
  • Firefox and Chrome Driver
  • Basics of TestNG framework and using it with Selenium

Java Collection framework and Page Object Pattern -

  • Java Collection framework - List and Set
  • Map class
  • Page object pattern for writing robust Selenium tests

Test Design -

  • Page Object Revisited

  • Optimizing Page Object methods

  • Using TestNG data provider method to do data driven testing

  • Executing java script from WebDriver 

Test Design cont. and Introduction to Maven -
  • Page Factory Pattern
  • Data externalization using properties files
  • Capture application screen shot only during test failure (TestNG + Selenium)
  • Introduction to Maven and mavenizing your Selenium project

Test Design cont. Introduction to Selenium grid-
  • Soft assertion in Test (continuing test execution of method even if one assert fails)
  • Using csv file for test data, Watching test data in TestNG Report
  • Using Selenium Grid to scale your tests

Jenkins Marries Selenium

  • Introduction to jenkins
  • Download and Install jenkins
  • Set up free style project to find version of java

  • Set up Selenium project for jenkins (Sample project from 7th Selenium training session) -
  • Configure maven on jenkins - http://localhost:8080/configure
  • Build maven2 Selenium project and runn Job
  • View TestNG results
  • Using Jenkins plugin

SeleniumTestsFramework (STF)

Step by step reporting  SeleniumTestsFramework (STF)

Generic Selenium and Automation Tutorials

Some of the tutorials are for Selenium 1 but concept can be easily applied to Web Driver 

And training sessions are not limited to only Selenium, subscribe to Testing Forum YouTube channel for more :)

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