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XPath and single quotes

I had tough time dealing with XPath and single quote. Though W3C recommends using ' to escape it but I never got it working, let me know if any of you get through. Came across this blog and found that “concat” could be used in this situation. So original XPath expression is – //meta[@name=’DESCRIPTION’][@content=’Tester’s Test’] This is some thing which certainly fails as single quote in “Tester’s” marks it at end of string and then XPath blows up, next trial was – //meta[@name=’DESCRIPTION’][@content=’Tester''s Test’] This does not work despite w3c recommendation! And then I used concat function and split the string as – concat(‘Tester’,”’”,’s Test’) NOTICE that single quote is kept in double quote while other characters are kept in single quotes. So XPath looks as – //meta[@name=’DESCRIPTION’][@content=concat(‘Tester’,”’”,’s Test’)] And this works charm.

Bye Bye Ciber

Today was my last day at Ciber and I can not stop but blog about my experiences at Ciber/Iteamic. Looks like it was yesterday (13th Feb 2006) when I stepped in to Iteamic with three new joiners - Janakiram, Shamial and (well I don't remember third name). Happened to begin work with Emergent which turned out to be biggest testing team in Iteamic and found my first team lead Bindu who, well how much ever I admire would be less. A team lead who knows how to nurture new joiners. Made friends like Poornima, Shilpa (Chatter Box), Aarati (who was always ready to help with no strings attached) and Rekha (who made me understand req which other wise were Greek to me). By now I realized that I have strange habit of naming people on how I perceive them. After three months I found my self associated with Anian and got to meet Mallikarjuna (My second team lead). Mallikarjuna has been most hard working team lead I have worked with, hard working to the extent that it intimidates me! I would find