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Real Time JMeter Result Using Backend Listener

Since JMeter 2.13 Backend Listener has been available to create real time graph of JMeter Test. Following tutorial explain the entire process in detail. At the end of this tutorial you would be able to create JMeter Live Test Result dashboard similar to following - This tutorial borrows information from many sources and my own experiments with JMeter live reporting dashboard. I have added source of information wherever applicable But before we can build such a snazzy JMeter Live Reporting dashboard we need to understand two more components - influxDB (a time series database) and Grafana Dashboard This is a big tutorial, so take deep breath :-) and follow on. Once you complete set up specified in this tutorial then you can watch JMeter Training Video Tutorial to watch this in action. What is Time Series Database? A time series is a sequence of data points , typically consisting of successive measurements made over a time interval . Examples of time