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Friday, March 29, 2013

Selenium Training Project Files

As you know my selenium and other training programs are free and so the project files. All projects are available on Testing Forum. May I ask you favour in return before you get access to selenium projects? 

  1. Please sign up for a free account on Please do not edit affiliate link as lets me earn rewards and help sponsor my travel plans :) 
  2. And now same for airbnb 
  3. Please share following on your Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles  -

I hope I am not asking for too much. More testimonial and social circles help me drive more users to free training programs and keep the trainings free.

Your registration to this site also means that you would receive latest testing updated by emails (well, who does not want to keep abreast of latest happenings in software testing).

Once you complete these steps then drop me a mail at tkumarb at and I would give you access to selenium projects.

In case you think this is too much to do then drop me a mail I would grant you access any way :-)

Thanks and keep learning
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