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Germany vs India (a skewed view)

Having spent 4 years in Germany I thought of jotting down some of the differences I have seen in Germany and India -  You don't owe an explanation to any one in Germany, but in India - Why are you not married, if Married, then why you don't have kids, if you have kids then when are they getting married etc etc In India, one does not need an appointment to have dinner with one's parents Everybody known everybody in India and here in Germany I don't know my neighbours. I am sure they also don't know each other personally :) Germany is a punctual country and I admire that No loud speaker chanting about god(s) in Germany. What a piece of mind Unlike India, not every one wants to be an IT Engineer in Germany Sports are valued as much as education in Germany German politicians don't shout at each other in parliament, at least this is what I have seen on Tagesschau Red means you stop at traffic signal in Germany. Simple, is not it? There is hardl