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Git Branching

If you use Git version control system then following commands may come handy for creating new branch for selenium tests - Create new branch and commit tests/features to branch –   git checkout –b <branchname> Work on branch and commit git commit –m “developed awesome feature”  Merge branch to your local master git checkout master pull if remote master is updated and then merge the branch git pull If you want to avoid creation of merge commit then rebase else merge and push to remote master git pull --rebase   git merge <branchname>   git push Once done with branch then delete it git branch –d <branchname> If you want local branch to be pushed to git so that more than one committer could work on it git push -u origin <branchname> If origin does not have a <branchname>, then it is created on the fly. The -u tells git that you want to be able

Manual Test Case Design Techniques

This is the next training video in the series of "Back to Basics". Being bombarded with automation tools we often forget that it is manual testing which finds most number of defects in application   Here is a VIDEO TUTORIAL   on Black box test design techniques. The video covers following topics - Equivalence class partitioning Boundary Value Analysis Decision Table Testing State Transition Testing If you find this video educational then please share it on FB/Google+ etc There would be a second video on White Box Test Design Techniques, so stay tuned :)

Java Training Tutorials for Software Testing Engineers

UPDATES: Java training tutorial with flavor of Selenium Webdriver are live now :) The boundaries between software testing and development are beginning to blur in today’s technological environment. Knowledge of programming language would not just help you gain more knowledge in the field of software testing but also makes you more competitive in today’s job market. When I started with Selenium Training Tutorial, I assumed that every one is from programming background. Many of you have asked me that it is very difficult for you to learn Selenium without knowledge of a programming language. Hence I decided to create video tutorial in java, especially designed for software test engineers. Those software test engineers who have little or no programming experience. Learning one programming language would almost always make it easy for you to learn any other language. But there is  one condition  :) I would begin with java training tutorials when Software Testing forum on Facebo

8th Selenium Training Video - Jenkins Marries Selenium

I have uploaded 8th Selenium Training Videos on my You Tube Channel. This session covers - Introduction to jenkins Download and Install jenkins Set up free style project to find version of java Set up Selenium project for jenkins (Sample project from 7th Selenium training session ) -

Installing Selenium Tests Framework

Installing STF - To begin with STF you can clone  seleniumtests  project. It is a sample project which uses STF maven dependency and demonstrate it's feature. If you want to try STF in your own project then please add following dependency to your project - <dependency> <groupId>com.seleniumtests</groupId> <artifactId>seleniumtestsframework</artifactId> <version>4.0</version> </dependency> Please refer maven central repo for  latest version  of STF jar Once cloned and imported, project would look as -  which means that you need to install seleniumtestsframework to your .m2 folder.  You can install seleniumtestsframework using following maven command -  mvn install:install-file -Dfile=C:\Users\testingforum\Desktop\seleniumtestsframework-1.0.jar -DgroupId=com.seleniumtests -DartifactId=seleniumtestsframework -Dversion=1.0 -Dpackaging=jar Here - C:\Users\testingforum\Desktop\seleniumtestsfra

5 minutes guides to using Selenium Tests Framework

The best way to learn to write tests using STF is is to use  sample STF project , but in a gist –  • Each test class should extend SeleniumTestPlan Class. SeleniumTestPlan class sets context of test i.e. browser environment etc  /** * Tests valid and invalid login use cases for Test Link * */ public class TestLinkLoginTest extends SeleniumTestPlan • Each page object should extend PageObject class. Refer  Page Object Description  for more on this. PageObject class provides methods for interaction with page like – launching URL, selecting frame, waiting for element availability etc  /** * Defines service for TestLink login page * */ public class TestLinkLoginPage extends PageObject { page object would contain the page element of page. i.e. – Textbox, Dropdown etc –  private static LinkElement seleniumTrainingLink = new LinkElement("Selenium Training LinkElement", By.linkText("Free Selenium Training")); private static TextFieldElement loginTe

STF Test Report Snapshots

Here are few selenium test report snapshots from STF - Now is the time to watch    5 minutes guide  to using STF :)