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Appium and android mobile app automation

Next appium and Android mobile app automation video tutoria l is live. If you are new to appium then please check - appium-tutorial This video tutorial covers - Start vysor (Just for this session and not mobile automation :)) Start appium and start appium inspector Desired Capabilities platformName - Android deviceName - L2N0219828001013 (as seen on "adb devices") Saved Capability Sets Start Session Scan app elements using appium inspector Get appPackage and appActivity using "APK info" app Install "APK info" app and open app whose appPackage and appActivity are required i.e. calculator Check top section of app icon is app package is app activity testng.xml file settings for running Android app tests Test details and CalculatorScreen class View beautiful STF test report  

Appium and android mobile browser automation

First Appium training video tutorial is live and covers -  Why Appium? > WebDriver for mobile devices - and Appium desktop app: > Wrapper for Appium server  - Appium server written in node js exposes Rest API to interact with AUT  - Start Appium server  - Inspect element  - Desired Capabilities > To mirror device on PC or MAC  - Enable developer mode on Android and enable USB debugging > adb > command line tool that lets you communicate with an emulator or android device  - Install android debug bridge  - adb devices Execute Android Web test  -