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And we reached 1 million page views

thanks to all of you, testing enthusiasts :-)

Manual Testing Checklist

This check list comprises of use cases which can be applied to any web application. Thought there are many areas covered but no checklist could cover all the possible checks under the sun. I am sure you would find that many more use cases can be added to this list. So here is the list I could think of - General Validation: ·                                 ·           Verify page focus on a field on page load. For example login page would have cursor blinking in user name field ·           Tabbing may let you bring control on fields and submit form which are supposed to be disabled and. Don’t rely if a field “looks” disabled as it may be exercised using tab key ·           Verify navigation of toolbar, menu items and fields using tab key. Tab order should be left to right and up to down ·           Using tab key should not bring control on read only and disabled fields ·           When brining control on a field then it should stand out by cursor blinking in text box