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API Testing Part 6 - Serialization and Deserialization using REST Assured

 Next API Testing Training video is live. This session covers: Form based auth user filling out his credentials on a form given().auth().form("John", "Doe").... oAuth based authentication what is oAuth and access token?? given().auth().preemptive().oauth2(accessToken).... Object Mapping Serialization From java object to json Form Hashmap to json > com.seleniumtests.tests.api_testing.RestAPITest3#postToCreate     Deserialization 

API Testing Part 5 - Authentications using REST Assured

 Next API testing video tutorial covers following topics -  How to specify auth? Basic Auth Preemptive basic auth credentials are sent before server responds with unauthorised response. reduces overhead of additional connection.  Challenged basic auth credentials are supplied only when server asks for it.                                         Ex: First post request Ref:   

API Testing Part 3 - using REST Assured

 Next API Training session video brings focus back to REST API testing. This session covers: Testing RESTful service
 using REST Assured
   REST Assured Maven dependency, 
REST Assured Includes JsonPath and XmlPath  to parse json and xml documents respectively
 API used in testing:  Operations around Get Set base URI With and without Gherkins syntax Data driven test with query, path parameters and Curly bracket notation Passing parameters between tests using extract method