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Announcing Selenium Tests Automation Framework

Selenium Tests Framework (referred as STF from here on) is a test automation framework for automated testing of Desktop web, mobile site and mobile apps. STF is based on WebDriver, Appium, TestNG and Maven.  STF source code  is available on GitHub . Please NOTICE that if you are new to selenium then you should first watch Java Training Video Tutorials and  Selenium Training Video Tutorials STF supports following features -  • Supports running tests on following environments -  IE, Firefox, Chrome browsers on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac mobile web site tests on android and ios devices mobile app tests on android and ios devices • Awesome Test Reports with step by step details of test actions -     •  Self instantiation of most popular browsers i.e. - Firefox, chrome and IE testing, you need not set up chrome or IE server, our framework does it for you.  Self serve instantiation of web browsers, hence you don't have to set up browser  yourself. STF