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JMeter and Load Testing Best Practices

As the saying goes, there are no best practices or probably in context. Following are some guidelines which I followed when working on load testing with JMeter. Some of these guidelines/practices are not limited to only JMeter and can be applied to load testing in general, So let’s begin - Number of Test Runs - The worse thing you can do with load test is to conduct test only once. Given that your test environment would depends on many factors, it is wise to conduct load test more than once to verify consistency of results. If test results have more than 5~10% discrepancy then it is sign of inconsistent system. Figure out the cause of problem first and fix it. State of system - If you are conducting load test consecutively then beware that each consecutive run would leave system in a state which would have memory, db etc resources utilized. Probably your goal is to run each test on a clean state of system. Identify client limitations - Many a times you would enco