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Performance Testing Checklist

Questions to ask Have performance test workflow(s) been identified? Has sanity functional tests been successful. You would not want to carry out performance tests on an application which is functionally broken. What does the target system (hardware) look like (specify all server and network appliance configurations)?. Monitor load average, cpu, memory etc on all servers. These can be easily monitored using top command on unix system. Don’t forget to monitor health of test agents. load average, cpu utilization, IO, Memory usage are the least you should monitor on test agent. Many a times you would encounter that you hit system limit on load test agent which degrades test results. Is test environment same as live environment else test results would have to be extrapolated Has benchmarking been done ? (The objective of Benchmark tests is to determine end-to-end timing of various critical business processes and transactions while the system is under low

JMeter Backend Listener - 16th JMeter Training Video

This is 16th JMeter training video Session. You may like to watch all previous  JMeter training video  sessions before continuing with this video. This JMeter Training session covers Live Test Run Reporting - 1. Setup JMeter BackEnd Listener 2. Test Plan Deep dive into test plan 3. Enable View Results Tree listener and Run Test Check that data is pushed in influx db > jmeter database - http://localhost:8083/ 4. Disable View Results Tree listener and Run Test from command line. 5. Grafana Dashboard Analyze Grafana Dashboard - http://localhost:3000/ Edit board and view query 6. Off line Analysis One test run is over then update time stamp and view result of past run 7. Project files can be downloaded You will find following files - Test Plan Grafana Dashbaord json file > to import and create Grafana dashboard 16th JMeter training session video  can be watched online.

Drop in application throughput on AWS (Mystery Unresolved)

I have posted a question on stackoverflow about sudden reduction in application throughout . I also follows up on this conversation with AWS support and  Following is the gist of conversation with AWS Support - tl dr: AWS instances my team was using was not set with enhanced networking capabilities to be able to get max n/w performance (i.e. 10 gigabits on c4.8xlarge instance). For example ixgbevf on test-aws-am was not set to 2.14.2. Long Version: The test in question is a static html page. GET request, no complicated logic, No EBS, DJ-CTS etc. What n/w capabilities should we experience when instance does not satisfy enhanced networking capabilities? AWS Support: We really do not have specific numbers because that varies... by a lot of factors (time of day, other instances sharing network in same location.. and several other factors... What we do, is to advice customers to do benchmarking tests to confirm that the instances meet the performance expectations... f

Graph Generator Listener - 15th JMeter Training Video

This is 15th JMeter training video Session. You may like to watch all previous  JMeter training video  sessions before continuing with this video. This JMeter Training session covers Graphs Generator Listener - 1. JMeterPlugins-Extras is for Graphs Generator Listener (from JMeterPlugins-ExtrasLibs jar) 2. Graphs Generator Listener generates the following graphs at end of test or previous test - :         Active Threads Over Time     Response Times Over Time     Transactions per Second     Server Hits per Seconds     Response Codes per Second     Response Latencies Over Time     Bytes Throughput Over Time     Response Times vs Threads     Transaction Throughput vs Threads     Response Times Distribution     Response Times Percentiles 3. Generate CSV / PNG for current test results     Requires usages of View Results Tree or Graphs Generator Listener         Not recommended ! 4. Generate CSV / PNG for existing/previous test results 15th JMeter training session video  can be watched