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What when your employer kills software testing job?

Few months ago I faced a situation wherein my employer decided to stop having software testing job. Development teams were tasked to carry out QA /Testing activities along with development tasks. Only time would tell how successful or disastrous it turns out to be but my QA colleagues and I were faced with difficult times especially when many of us were in a foreign country. Test automation engineers were given the option to switch to development but I decided to not switch. I decided to continue with in the field of software testing which eventually resulted in me finding a new job. Here are my thoughts on what you can do if you also face this situation when your software testing job is killed - Knowledge transfer to development team . Devs are usually lazy when it comes to integration/system testing (If not then probably we would have never had software testing field) or they don’t have enough information about all the pieces of system put together. You would do great fa

Automatic JS error detection with STF and WebDriver

If you followed my post on Catching java script errors with WebDriver then you already know how browser console logs can be used to catch javascript errors. But a problem which surfaces is that javascript error check has to be added on each test step where java script error check is to be done. This would result in lots of boilerplate code. A better approach would be to automate this check. This is what STF 4.0.14 does. It introduces CustomEventListener class which catches SEVERE errors on browser console. But before delving into CustomEventListener , let’s understand two classes available from webdriver API - EventFiringWebDriver EventFiringWebDriver implements WebDriver interface besides other interfaces. It supports registering WebDriverEventListener which can be used for logging purpose. For example get() method to open application URL looks as following in EventFiringWebDriver - public void get(String url) { dispatcher .beforeNavigateTo(url, driver ); d

Catching java script errors with WebDriver

The topic of catching java script errors with webdriver has been discussed time and again. This was also a hot topic during the days of Selenium RC. There have been quite a few approaches to catch java script errors with WebDriver, like  - Adding extra script to web page and using JavascriptExecutor to retrieve them. I won’t recommend this approach as it requires application code to be changed to be able to test it Using Firefox extension to catch the java script errors And of late, there has been a beta feature available in WebDriver APIs which lets you capture browser console log. Using this you can capture browser level logs. I like this approach as it does not require application code to be modified or adding extra extension to a browser. I experimented this approach with FF 47.0.1, Chrome 50 and Selenium 2.53.1 and worked like a charm. Let’s consider blog - which has a 404 error and it is visible on console. (By