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SeleniumTestsFramework (STF) version 4.0 is out

Selenium Tests Framework 4.0 is out. Following are the features of version 4.0 - Support for ios Testing. Hence STF now supports web, android and ios testing. Thanks to Sanja for adding support for ios testing. Is not open source awesome :-) Support for sauce labs testing Updated sample project  which used STF  To use STF 4.0 add following dependency to you project -  <dependency> <groupId>com.seleniumtests</groupId> <artifactId>seleniumtestsframework</artifactId> <version>4.0</version> </dependency> To learn more about STF follow STF tutorial

And we reached 2 million page views...

We reached a new milestone few days ago. It was about 2 years ago that we cross 1 million page views . We crossed a new mile stone few days ago. crossed 2 million page views days ago. Though addition on a million page views in not spectacular in span on 2 years but probably an indicator of popularity of a private blog. Last but not the least, would not have reached this milestone with out all of you. A big thanks to all of you :-)