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Petition to Google to Reactivate my YouTube Account

I have been writing blogs and creating videos in the field of software testing for about 8 years. During this period I have helped thousands to software testing enthusiasts in learning test automation. I woke up to a shock yesterday that my you tube channel has been terminated. This is what you will see on my youtube channel - In my best of knowledge -  I never spammed any one Never used abusive language against any one. Never had any strike against my account.  The worse thing is that I have no backup of my video tutorial so all of my subscribes are going to be deprived of my video tutorials in future.  According to google , account owner is sent an email when account is terminated but I never received any mail. I regularly receive you tube promotional mail so it is highly unlikely that I would have missed this email. I have already appealed google about it and yet waiting to hear from them.  How can you help? If you think that my channel has been of any h