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STF (SeleniumTestsFramework) on maven repository

Since the commencement of  STF  it required installation of STF jar locally. This was a tedious process since for each new update of STF, the jar file should be installed locally. But not any more :-) I am happy to announce the release of STF to maven repository. To be able use STF you would need to add following dependency to you pom file -  Please refer maven central repo for  latest version  of STF jar < dependency >      < groupId >com.seleniumtests</ groupId >      < artifactId >seleniumtestsframework</ artifactId >      < version >3.0</ version > </ dependency > that's all, and maven will download STF for you. You can also download  Sample Selenium Project  which uses and illustrates STF features. In case you are a Selenium Beginners, then you should first begin with  Selenium Training Videos Have a question on STF? Is there a feature missing? don't forget to post on  Testi

Do you need BDD style of system tests ?

BDD was largely introduced as a bridge between domain experts who are usually not technical users and Engineers who are supposedly no domain experts. BDD gives an ability to domain experts to describe application feature in Given, When, Then style and these are then turned in to real application feature by Engineers. All stakeholders have common reference of understanding. But it does not stop there, there was great value (and probably there is ) seen in writing system tests which follow BDD style. JBehave, Cucumber-JVM come on mind quickly. These APIs also help bridge the gap between technical and not technical user, but the questions we need to ask is - Would you be able to get product specialist write the feature files? If not then you would have two sources of information one written by product specialist (probably in JIRA or another tool) and another feature file written by developer or test engineer Will product specialists ever execute the test? Do you w