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Selenium Training Meet Video for 22nd July

We conducted fourth Selenium training meet on 22nd July. There were 176 registrations and 50 participants were available for meeting. Agenda of meeting was to cover following topics - Java Collection framework - List and Set Map class Page object pattern for writing Selenium tests Selenium Training Video recording is available for on line viewing.   As again big thanks to anymeeting for providing us resources to conduct this meeting.

Security Testing - Session III - 29th July

Hello all, In the next session, we shall discuss in detail about Cross Site Scripting threat. Meeting agenda would be : 1. Cross Site Scripting - History & Introduction 2. Implications 3. Different types of Cross Site Scripting Please do attend the session. Meeting Registration Link Thanks!

Security Testing - Session II - 15th July, 2012

Hello Everyone, In the second session on 'Security Testing', we covered the following concepts: 1. TamperData - Hidden form fields explointation, Javascript validation overrun, Privilege escalation 2. WebSpidering. You can find the video recording of the session here . These threats are kind of preliminary and require less technical expertise to understand. In the upcoming sessions, we will concentrate on more complex technical threats. So, please do stay tuned for next session. Thanks!

Selenium Training Meet - 1st July 2012

We conducted 3rd Selenium training meet today. There were 128 registrations and 44 participants. We digressed from the agenda in this meeting and discussed on Java and how it is used in writing Selenium tests. Following topics were covered during meeting - OOPS - Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism.  Introduction to Class, instance variable, instance methods, class variable, class method, Object Constructor, Abstract Class, Interface, method overloading, method overriding, Package