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Security Testing Sessions Meet - 17th June - Video Recordings

Hello Everyone, In the first session on 'Security Testing', we had a discussion about following topics: 1. Web Security Testing 2. HTTP Protocol 3. Session ID & Cookies 4. OWASP 5. Live HTTP Header (Firefox Addon) We covered the basics of Web technology and discussed about how the web technology works as such. In the subsequent session, we shall concentrate on specific threats.

Security Testing Session on 17th June

Hello everyone, This is Vasanth, one of the participants of Selenium Meet. Since the idea behind these meets is to share knowledge, I have scheduled next session on Security Testing. As most of you are aware of, Security testing has become one of the hot and emerging field in IT industry . Organizations give lot of emphasis to data security and take several measures to prevent various kinds of data breach. There are several tools available in the market that help us in identifying the security vulnerabilities. But these tools would provide us just with the result and will not be of much helpful in understanding the concept of underlying threats. Also, it is believed that the automated tools help us in identifying only the low hanging threats and only a seasoned professional could identify the threats that are hidden in the system. So, in the upcoming sessions, I would like to explain the concept behind the leading threats and would point you the various resources that we c

Selenium Training Meet 3rd June - Video Recording

Yesterday was the second session of Selenium Training meet. There were 109 registrations for meeting and 54 users participated in it. We discussed on - nth locator in CSS  Selenium IDE Firefox and Chrome Driver Using TestNG with Selenium You can access Selenium Training Video Recording here. I hope none of you encounters any issue with video recording this time. I have uploaded Selenium Java Project here, which we used during session. Don't hesitate to ask me any question about session or if you face any other issue with Selenium. Stay tuned for next session. As again a big thanks to AnyMetting for their wonderful resources.