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Java Training

If you are new to programming or have least experience with programming then I would recommend you to watch following java training videos first before embarking on learning Selenium.
If you are well versed with java programming language then you can directly move to free selenium webdriver training videos
Following java training videos are tailored for selenium but they can also be used to learn java (or at least core java in general). The Java projects used in the video tutorials can be accessed on github.

Please don't use these programs to write selenium tests as selenium tests require a robust framework. Once you are skilled at java then use Selenium Tests Automation Framework to write your selenium tests in java.
So bookmark this page to keep track of new videos :-)

So here we go -

Training Video Content

Training Videos

Introduction to java technology

Downloading community version of IDEA

Installing Java

Running your first java program

Beginning with Java

Introduction to Object

Introduction to Class

Inroduction to Inheritance

Introduction to Package

Introduction to selenium API

OOPS and Java

Introduction to Variables

Introduction to Arrays

Control flow statements in java

Java Language Basics

Access specifiers 

Defining methods - instance and class methods

Overloaded methods

Passing variable argument to method

Return value from method

Using this keyword

Static initializer

Java Classes, objects and method

Enum Type - 

   With and without parameter

   Creating Enum in Intellij

Iterating through values of enum

Instance Initialization

Switch Statement 

Enum and switch statement

Interface in java

implementing an interface

Overriding method in interface

Using interface type

Down casting

Selenium examples

Interface and Java


  Raw Type 

Generic Type 


Exception Hierarchy - 

Types of exceptions -

Checked Exception 

Unchecked Exception -




Handling Exception with try - catch - finally block

Specifying the exception

Exception classes in WebDriver

Generics and Exception

The core collection interfaces.

List, Set, Map 

Important collection methods 

Introduction to ArrayList -

Introduction to HashSet -

Introduction to HashMap -

Traversing collection using for each loop and Iterator Object

Introducing java collection framework

Using collection framework with webdriver - 

Array List example 

Set Example

HashMap example

Java Collection framework and Selenium Webdriver

Date and time operations -  

generate time in ms 

calculate time difference between two operations 

creating date instance using java.util.Date 

compare dates, which date is ahead? 

accessing year, month day etc for a given calendar 

generating future/past dates 

formatting date 

a complex example - generating future date for USA time zone

Date and Time operations

File System -  

      retrieving absolute file path

copy file to another file

read txt file

read property file

parsing xml file

Handling files in java

Database operations with java (JDBC) -   

establishing connection   
executing select query
executing update query


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