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Conducting Test using Remote Agent.

SP Agent is the machine which is used to generate virtual user load. We have load test being carried in our project which is to be simulated from client environment This is to avoid the network delays as users of this app would be in client environment load should be simulated form client environment. (In fact we observed difference in response time as high as 10 sec when we compared two test run. One using offshore Agent and other using onsite Agent.) For this we got a machine in Client and we would connect to this machine through vpn. Hence this would be used as Agent while we would control execution of test from offshore. To be able to do this we got two ports 19200 and 19202 opened on this machine from client environment . Opening of these two ports got us going with performance test.

How to avoid think time / wait time from being accumulated in Custom Timers.

In Silk Performer custom Timers are used to generate response time around transactions. It is usually inserted in the script generated by SP recorder. In a typical script it looks as following - ========================================================== MeasureStart("1020_ RANK_PREFERENCE"); // Custom Timer - Start for Rank Prefpage WebUrl(" "); **** Few more functions*** ************************** **** Few more functions*** MeasureStop("1020_ RANK_PREFERENCE"); // Custom Timer - stop for Rank Pref page ========================================================== With the inclusion of Think Timer (wait time kept deliberately to simulate real user behaviour as a typical user waits on a page before performing any action) script would look as following - =========================================================== MeasureStart("1020_ RANK_PREFERENCE"); // Custom Timer - Start for Rank Pref p