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Headless tests with Firefox WebDriver

Note: If you are new to java and selenium then start with selenium java training videos .     There are times when you don't want a browser popping each time you execute the test. Or you just don't have privilege of having a browser display like in UNIX based system running your CI and not having any display. These are the times when you would find it right to execute your tests in headless browser mode. What we need - Xvfb: X virtual frame buffer is X11 server which does graphical operation in memory, hence no output is displayed. Wikipedia has more on it. Firefox: World famous open source browser A simple selenium test: As simple as launching Google in Firefox First we need to install Xvfb and FF on Ubantu as - sudo apt-get install Xvfb firefox Not you can start Xvfb as - Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1024x768x24 & From manual of Xvfb - -screen screennum WxHxD This option creates screen screennum and sets its width, height, and dep

Finally some good news for Software Testers

Here are some of the latest Testing and IT news from our technical reporters - IT managers consortium has agreed that software testers would no longer be blamed for a production defects. Though they are yet to find some one who they could put blame on (Johny the developer is said to be already suffering from ProductionDefectoPhobia) Consortium has also agreed on having salary of software testers on par with software developer at least by 2020. There was an unanimous decision on increasing management salary by 23% from immediate effect Consortium has barred developed from using phrase "It works locally". Violation of this rule would attract 1 night out in office. Continuous violation would attract exponential salary deductions Speak and Automate - New era in automated testing. Voice Automation tool for web and windows application was released yesterday. This tool is capable of generating automation suites as you speak of application use cases.