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Selenium Training Meet 19th May - Video Recording

Just finished first on line Selenium meeting. There were about 120 registration received and more than 60 users participated in meeting which does not seem bad for a meeting held on weekend. Meeting recordings can be watched here. Feel free to share in your contacts.

A few of you complained about audio unavailability. If you are not able to hear audio then please reload/refresh the video URL.

The meeting was largely focused on xPath and CSS locators. If you participated in meeting and have an opinion/suggestion then please post it here

A few of you asked me to post questions I asked towards end of session. They are -

  • How to use "ends-with" with xPath
  • How to use nested predicate with xPath
  • Finding nth child in css selector

We should also thank anymeeting for the wonderful resource they provided for on line meet. Stay tuned for next meet.


  1. Tarun, there is no voice. Can you please check?

    my speaker working fine.

    1. I checked on Chrome Browser and it works. Could you try once again.
      There was one instance when I could not hear audio. That may have been technical issue with Anymeeting. Let me know if it does not work for you at all.

      Also try loading video in incognito window of chrome (ctrl + shify + N), in case your add on are causing trouble.

    2. Sonali, Please see the post again, I have updated it about audio unavailability and corresponding trouble shoot.

  2. Thanks a lot Tarun. Great session and great initiative, watched the recording this time, will try to participate for the next one.

    Guys regarding audio, I too faced some issues initially, finally the workaround was to use IE8 and refresh it when u couldn't hear the sound. You could move the recording to where you finished earlier and it works fine


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