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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Selenium Training Meet 19th May - Video Recording

Just finished first on line Selenium meeting. There were about 120 registration received and more than 60 users participated in meeting which does not seem bad for a meeting held on weekend. Meeting recordings can be watched here. Feel free to share in your contacts.

A few of you complained about audio unavailability. If you are not able to hear audio then please reload/refresh the video URL.

The meeting was largely focused on xPath and CSS locators. If you participated in meeting and have an opinion/suggestion then please post it here

A few of you asked me to post questions I asked towards end of session. They are -

  • How to use "ends-with" with xPath
  • How to use nested predicate with xPath
  • Finding nth child in css selector

We should also thank anymeeting for the wonderful resource they provided for on line meet. Stay tuned for next meet.

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