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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Dream Died

Not long ago when Dave proposed to have dedicated Selenium site on Stack Exchange. And proposal was badly stuck at 70% and when few us of decided to ask more and more selenium users to commit to it to make it see day of light -

After weeks of commit and persuading user we reached 92% commit but then. Well Stack Overflow did not like the ides of having a dedicated selenium site and proposed to merge it with another software testing proposal on Stack Exchange, Which was largely looked down upon at by Selenium Community.

Though we were ready for browser automation proposal but merging Selenium proposal with a field like software testing was way to general for us to accept, though we were ready to have it collaborated with browser automation kind of proposal. 

There was great dissent from Selenium users but as ill luck would have it, Stack OverFlow decided to close Selenium proposal and merge it Software Testing proposal.

Well, we were not ready to give up easily and filed one question here.

But looks like proposal would not be opened now, though there could be a different proposal in future for Selenium provided Selenium attracts lots of attention in new Software Testing Stack Exchange site. I am disheartened with Selenium proposal being shut down and I love both Selenium and Stack Exchange. Hence i would be participating in both and probably would have a dedicated Selenium Site one day on Stack Exchange....

N.B. I had stopped  blogging and wanted to keep my post on area51 proposal on top so that any visitor would know and probably commit to Selenium site. Alas
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