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Bye Bye Ciber

Today was my last day at Ciber and I can not stop but blog about my experiences at Ciber/Iteamic. Looks like it was yesterday (13th Feb 2006) when I stepped in to Iteamic with three new joiners - Janakiram, Shamial and (well I don't remember third name). Happened to begin work with Emergent which turned out to be biggest testing team in Iteamic and found my first team lead Bindu who, well how much ever I admire would be less. A team lead who knows how to nurture new joiners. Made friends like Poornima, Shilpa (Chatter Box), Aarati (who was always ready to help with no strings attached) and Rekha (who made me understand req which other wise were Greek to me). By now I realized that I have strange habit of naming people on how I perceive them.

After three months I found my self associated with Anian and got to meet Mallikarjuna (My second team lead). Mallikarjuna has been most hard working team lead I have worked with, hard working to the extent that it intimidates me! I would find him leaving for home 4am morning and 8am he would be back to office. There were never any signs of fatigue on his face. Yet to figure out what he eats! After some time Mallikarjuna moved out of Anian and we were a test team with out any lead. This was the time when Geethanjli, Divya (both of them would always be there to stay late if I don't go home) and I came together and became best team mates.

Things changed and Anian was taken over by Reuters and became Reuters Insight and I happened to work with Prameela (Pamela) (as my team lead) Deepak and Skanda. Prameela has been coolest team lead I have come across.  Not to forget Raghu, Bala and Gurmeet from development team.

And then was the GSB. My association with GSB was supposed to be very limited but became full fledged soon. Enjoyed testing algorithm from algorithm uncle (Ashok Datla) b2b algorithm and yes how can I forget conflicts which were never implemented in first place. This was the time when one entire floor in Iteamic was dedicated to GSB. Here I met Hitler (Vyshali), TP (Mythri), Silent feature (Manju) Gabber Singh (Dore), Alien (Kini) Stock Market (Vinay), Maggie (Vijaya) and dearest ADW (Sneha, and only a few know what it means!). Will always cherish those memories.

Soon I found myself working in AMR, and I must admit this is the only project in which I have been impressed with dev than qa. Happened to meet most fearless person - Aravindan and then there were whole gamut of team members - PJ masters - Ruchi and ravi, Kool Prabin, Uncle Vickram, Savita (she is never going to forgive us for all those pranks!) "Dodda Maghu" (in Kannada - big boy) Jo and last but the not least Lakshmi bai (Madhavi) and Full of light (Prakash). Madhavi is the only person who I am impressed with coz of her soft skills than any thing else and Prakash, well some one should ask him how to laugh even under those toughest of times.

This post would be incomplete if I don't mention Ashwith (who I always look forward to when can't take decision my self), Naveen - truly technical manager (and only one who I have always been cautious of talking as he is NO nonsense), Ranjith (Kool Temprament), Rajesh T - who we can always look forward to when it comes to a caring amanger, Manav - No fabrication what so ever and last but not least Madhu for being supportive especially under unfavorable conditions.

I did not send "last day mail" today, but could not stop my self from showing my gratitude to all of you. I apologize to those who I might have missed here inadvertently. Wish u all a very bright and prosperous future.

~ T


  1. This is perhaps the funniest account of CIBER days I have ever come across. We cherish the times we have spent with you and wish you all the very best for the future.

    Again to say, you have been amongst the very few people who I have come across as being passionate about what you do. Its one of your best qualities and I hope you will always keep it up wherever you go.

    Good luck dude!

  2. Coming for lunch? :(

  3. Coming for lunch? :(

  4. Tarun, well :) one of the guys I have seen who doesn't know how to do time pass. He is Hard working, keen to learn new things, a quick learner & some more......
    Wish you all the best Tarun.

  5. Tarun is one of the guys I have seen who doesn't know how to do timepass. He is hardworking, keen to learn new things, a quick learner, a humble teacher who always shares knowledge.
    Wish you all the best Tarun.

  6. Tarun was the one, who mentored me when i joined Iteamic as a Fresher, i used to irritate him with my silly (But Meaningful) questions. One question i remember is, wats the difference between Effective and Efficient testing, till today he teases me abt that question :) I have learnt a lot lot from him, he was faster than google with lot of current updates :) CIBER have lost a Gem. But its in the place where it is deserved to be.

  7. All the best Tarun, your hardworking ,helping nature , self confidence ,dedication and passionate to work. All these are the admirable qualities in you, which i am sure u will keep it in the same pace.

    Once again, wish you all the best for your new responsibilities at new place and new team members.

  8. Thank you all for your fabulous comments, and Skanda I still can't recall difference b/w Effective and Efficient testing!!!

    ~ T


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