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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

STF (SeleniumTestsFramework) on maven repository

Since the commencement of STF it required installation of STF jar locally. This was a tedious process since for each new update of STF, the jar file should be installed locally. But not any more :-)

I am happy to announce the release of STF to maven repository. To be able use STF you would need to add following dependency to you pom file - 

Please refer maven central repo for latest version of STF jar


that's all, and maven will download STF for you.

You can also download Sample Selenium Project which uses and illustrates STF features.

In case you are a Selenium Beginners, then you should first begin with Selenium Training Videos

Have a question on STF? Is there a feature missing? don't forget to post on Testing Forum :-) 

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