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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mobile Theft in BMTC buses

Well, this is some thing I had heard of and was not expecting to experience.
I bought a brand new Nokia 5800 about 6 months ago and have fallen Victim of petty thieves in BMTC buses.
I got in to a non Volvo bus near Jayadeva flyover to head to Dairy Circle, IBC Park.
This is a mere distance of 2 km or so.
Bus was not very crowded and I was standing near front door as my destination was not very far.
I noticed a couple of guys who were also standing near me and I assumed that probably they also want to get down near by.
As soon as bus started one guy came behind me while two more guys quickly moved near closed bus door.
One guy in white shirt was standing next to me.
The guy who was behind me came forward and now there were three guys near closed door.
Bus stopped on next station and none of them got down nor were they willing to move and give space to incoming passengers.
Then was the next stop where I had to get down (and all this while I did not have an iota of impression about their objective). There were still three guys near exit door, so I asked them to move and give me space.
Though they did not bother to move, I tried to get down from remaining space and noticed some scuffle behind me (though I still did not bother to check my mobile and wallet).
This is when I got down from bus and saw a couple of guys getting in to another bus from the bus I was in.
At this point I realized not having my mobile with me, and was completely in shock to do any thing.
My intention of this blog is to make Bangalorean aware of such incidents which might be very common in BMTC buses, so if you notice –
  • Unnecessary scuffle in bus,
  • Guys standing at exit door, but not getting down,
  • Some one standing too close to you despite having sufficient space in bus,
  • Guys moving back and forth in bus
Then these are clear signs of you being next victim of mobile theft in BMTC bus.
Having realized that I had lost my mobile the very fist thing I did was to block the SIM as it was post paid connection.
Then I approached near by police station to lodge an FIR though was directed to go to another police station of. (Can’t there be coordination among police stations so we could lodge FIR any where)
When I approached another police station I was given all sorts of cogent comments to as to why FIR can not be launched in this case. (For some time I felt as if my mobile is not stolen at all!!!)
Finally they agreed to take complaint (though not FIR) and got me one acknowledgement.
Though I don’t have any hope of getting my mobile back, I wish that this post of mine would caution other about mobile theft in BMTC buses.
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