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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Execute java script from selenium

getEval method can be used to evaluate java script from selenium.
Remember to use window object in case of dom expressions as by default selenium
window is referred and not the test window. Hence a sample code will look as
following -


This will return total number of images in a web page. Same result can be
retrieved using only "document.images.length;" string IF selenium is run in
proxy injection mode. (As selenium runner will not appear in the test window).
BUT To be on safer side irrespective of mode selenium is run always use
'window' object of java script.

If evaluated expression is to return multiple values then use it as following -

This will return all the image links available on a page. This can be collected
in a string and individual links can be found by using split method.

Now to execute java script using Selenium IDE. lets type a random number on a text box -


or in java -

selenium.type("objectLocator", selenium.getEval("Math.random()"));

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