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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Selenium Browser Testing with TestingBot

TestingBot is an online service which provides a Selenium Grid in the cloud. By utilizing TestingBot, you have immediate access to over 600 browser and device combinations to run both Automated Selenium and Manual tests. Ranging from IE6 to Chrome dev builds, from Windows XP to Windows 10 and macOS Sierra.

Instead of setting up and maintaining your own Selenium Grid with all possible browser combinations, you can rely on TestingBot to provide you with an extensive Selenium grid of both older and new browser versions. Because of this large Selenium Grid, you can easily run multiple tests simultaneously. For example; you can run the same test simultaneously on 40 different browser combinations, or run 40 different tests all on the same browser at once. This means your total test duration shortens dramatically, giving you early test feedback.
Running Appium tests is also possible. TestingBot provides iOS Simulators and Android emulators to run your Appium tests. In the coming months, TestingBot will be providing Automated and Manual real mobile device testing as well.

If you are looking to run tests against a website you're still developing on your computer or local network, you can use the TestingBot Tunnel. This allows you to run Automated and Manual tests on websites that are not yet available to the public.

If you're still using Selenium IDE or RC, you can upload your tests and test suites to TestingBot. Then you can schedule when the tests need to run and on which browsers. After each test run, you will receive a report and you can set up alerting to be notified when a test fails.

With the Automated test examples, ranging from PHP, Ruby and Python to Java, C# and NodeJS you can immediately start running your automated WebDriver tests.
And with the Manual testing, you can take control over any browser straight from your own browser, no setup required. Change the screen resolution, take screenshots and share with colleagues.

Interested? Start your free trial and run your browser tests in the cloud!

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