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Monday, February 15, 2016

JMeter Backend Listener - 16th JMeter Training Video

This is 16th JMeter training video Session. You may like to watch all previous JMeter training video sessions before continuing with this video.

This JMeter Training session covers Live Test Run Reporting -

1. Setup JMeter BackEnd Listener

2. Test Plan
Deep dive into test plan

3. Enable View Results Tree listener and Run Test
Check that data is pushed in influx db > jmeter database - http://localhost:8083/

4. Disable View Results Tree listener and Run Test from command line.

5. Grafana Dashboard
Analyze Grafana Dashboard - http://localhost:3000/
Edit board and view query

6. Off line Analysis
One test run is over then update time stamp and view result of past run

7. Project files can be downloaded

You will find following files -

Test Plan
Grafana Dashbaord json file > to import and create Grafana dashboard

16th JMeter training session video can be watched online.
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