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Friday, January 30, 2015

JMeter and ajax request - 6th JMeter training video

This is 6th JMeter Training video tutorial in the series of learning performance testing. You can watch watch all  JMeter training video sessions online.
This JMeter training session covers -

1 Adding user defined variable in Test Plan, ex: App URL
2. Ajax request Example - zalando-UK site
3. Replay the ajaxified JMeter script and analyze failure
4. Analyze the ajax request again with firebug and observe headers
5. Observe -
xsrfToken in Response Data for first request
X-XSRF-Token passed in header manager of ajax request
6. Introducing Regular expression extractor - Post Processor Element
7. Rerun the modified script

JMeter training video tutorial can be watched online. 

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