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Sunday, February 15, 2015

8th JMeter Training Video - Using CSV data set configuration

This is 8th JMeter training video Session. You may like to watch all previous JMeter training video sessions before continuing with this video. This session covers -

  • Using JMeter Template “Recording Template”
  • Using csv data set configuration to parameterize data
  • Location of CSV file 
  • HTTP Request Sampler - “Embedded Resources from HTML files” > “Retrieve All Embedded Resources”
  • Run test with thread count 2
  • View csv test data in JMeter HTTP sampler 
  • View downloaded resources in View Results in Tree listener

8th JMeter training video session can be watched online. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

7th JMeter Training Video - Saving JMeter results in non GUI run mode

You can find all JMeter performance testing videos here

This session covers -

1. Storing JMeter results in non GUI run mode
2. Executing JMeter tests in non GUI mode
3. File Format for JMeter reports in xml file
4. File format for JMeter reports in csv format

JMeter Training Video Tutorial can be watched online
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Friday, January 30, 2015

JMeter and ajax request - 6th JMeter training video

This is 6th JMeter Training video tutorial in the series of learning performance testing. You can watch watch all  JMeter training video sessions online.
This JMeter training session covers -

1 Adding user defined variable in Test Plan, ex: App URL
2. Ajax request Example - zalando-UK site
3. Replay the ajaxified JMeter script and analyze failure
4. Analyze the ajax request again with firebug and observe headers
5. Observe -
xsrfToken in Response Data for first request
X-XSRF-Token passed in header manager of ajax request
6. Introducing Regular expression extractor - Post Processor Element
7. Rerun the modified script

JMeter training video tutorial can be watched online.